Coleg Elidyr Camphill Communities benefits from the expertise and professionalism of Trustees with a range of expertise. Trustees work with the Leadership Team in support of ongoing quality assurance and enhancement. Trustees are responsible for providing overall governance and strategic direction. This includes ensuring our financial health and developing the organisation’s strategic plan.

We are always seeking to draw on a wide range of knowledge and experience to further enhance the work of the Charity. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee and would like notification of when a vacancy arises please email our office manager Lisa Blofield at
Alternatively, you can send a letter detailing your experience to the Company Secretary at the College address.

Vicky Davies

Chair of Trustees

Vicky is Chair of the Trustees and has a long personal association with CECC and the surrounding area of Rhandirmwyn. Having originally studied Agriculture and Business Studies, Vicky is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management and currently works for the Welsh Government where she has held a variety of roles in the fields of agriculture and farm diversification. In addition to being the Chair, Vicky’s specific areas of alignment are safeguarding and land management.

Colin MacIntyre

Vice Chair of Trustees

Colin was elected to the Trustees of Coleg Elidyr Camphill Communities in June 2012. He has a long personal association with Camphill. His daughter attended the Sheiling School at Ringwood, Coleg Elidyr and now lives at Victoria House. Colin is now retired after a career with BP and Cairn Energy India.
In addition to his role as a Trustee, Colin continues to be very involved in charitable activities in Asia in both a corporate and personal capacity. Colin’s specific areas of alignment are Health and Safety, Victoria House and Pre-Budget Governance.

Jane Hamilton


Having taken early retirement, Jane commenced her role on the Board of Trustees in 2016. With a background in senior management within secondary education, one of her responsibilities was the integration of children with specific learning needs into mainstream education. She is also expereinced in working with young people facing emotional and behavioural challenges, autism and ADHD. Jane is aligned to the College's education provision.

Bob Macey


Bob was elected to the trustees in July 2015; when his son was a trainee in his 5th year at Coleg Elidyr. Bob worked as an economist in his early career and subsequently held a number of senior positions in the Welsh Government as a civil servant. Following his initial retirement he worked as a policy consultant and also conducted examinations of major infrastructure planning applications. He is now fully retired, lives in Cardiff, and when not rambling continues as a governor of the special needs school his son attended. Bob's areas of alignment are policy and volunteer welfare.

Wyn Llewellyn


Wyn is a Consultant, Coach and Interim Manager, Partner and Principal Consultant at WynMill Consulting. Although born and bred in Cardiganshire, his corporate career was spent in the Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals sector at ICI and AstraZeneca. Here he worked in UK and Global roles in Sales/Marketing, Training & Development, HRD/ OD Management, and Business Change Management.

Having returned to live in Wales, he and his wife Millie are enjoying rediscovering the joys of West Wales. Wyn's areas of alignment are marketing and business planning.

Geoff Graham


Geoff Graham joined the Board of Trustees in June 2019. He is aligned to the Parents Association.

  • Teaching at the college provides learners with highly stimulating experiences that help them to engage fully in their learning and make exceptional progress.

    Estyn Inspection Report 2019

  • The college provides learners with exceptionally high levels of care, support and

    Estyn Inspection Report, 2019

  • A family member said he’d be happy if our son could say no to something at the end of his 3 years. We reached that point after only 6 months!

    Parent 2019

  • ‘Staff consistently demonstrated an unconditional positive regard for students and this high regard was seen to be reciprocated. Students appeared confident, their achievements were celebrated and positive feedback was a constant’. 

    National Autistic Society 2016

  • ‘Our [daughter’s] ability to engage with the general public has greatly improved. This is due to her existence in a wonderful community setting in which she co-exists with peers, staff and volunteers thus giving her a confidence in her place in this world’. 

    Parent comment 2019

  • ‘People benefit from staff who are motivated and have learners at the heart of all they do; this was evident during our discussions with staff and our observations during the inspection’.

    CSSIW Report, Feb 2016

  • ‘Throughout the college, there is a powerful sense of purpose and commitment. This contributes significantly to the exceptional standards learners achieve and their high levels of wellbeing.’.

    Estyn Inspection Report Report, 2019

  • “Our son has progressed in every area more than we ever thought he could. He has the freedom within the college to go out on his own to visit other houses. That’s something he’s never been able to do before, so his confidence has grown.’.

    Parent 2019

  • ‘Staff consistently demonstrated an unconditional positive regard for students and this high regard was seen to be reciprocated. Students appeared confident, their achievements were celebrated and positive feedback was a constant’. 

    National Autistic Society 2016

  • ‘The video shown at his annual review surprised us with evidence of what our son can achieve independently after a year at Coleg. Family members have noted how he is more responsive, more mature and makes far more eye contact. He thrives in the outdoor environment and college routine. He has improved his skills in areas of strength (eg, cooking) and learned a range of new skills which he enjoys and which increase his confidence and self-esteem. He has benefited from the support provided by caring staff and therapists to provide interventions that encourage him to strengthen his communication and interaction with his peers. Generally, he is very much at peace with himself and comfortable at Coleg Elidyr and.’. 

    Parent 2019

  • ‘Tutors and support staff are passionate and enthusiastic practitioners who collaborate extremely well to support learners. The creative and well-planned curriculum and purposeful, strategic planning for progression in learners’ individual skills’.

    Estyn Inspection Report 2019

  • Work standards are closely monitored as our organisation produces a range of luxury products. The quality of the work undertaken is to a very high standard…without doubt the contribution by students is of paramount importance to our organisation’.

    Myddfai Trading company 2016

  • Overall we found that Coleg Elidyr offered a truly unique service for people with a range of learning disabilities. People were offered numerous opportunities and we found that there was a clear ennoblement focus on developing skills and maximising potential’.

    CSSIW Report 2014

  • ‘Staff are amazing and work very hard with the students. The House is welcoming, clean and cosy. Just like home from home ‘. 

    Parent 2019


At Coleg Elidyr, we understand that being away from family and friends can be a daunting experience for anyone and we work hard to ensure we provide a homely and secure environment where all students feel safe and at home.

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Opportunities and support for learning and personal development at Coleg Elidyr span daily education sessions and residential living environments.

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Coleg Elidyr has a strong commitment to the Well-being all students and staff. Central to student well-being is our commitment to a 24 hour curriculum and a Total communication environment.

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