Coleg Elidyr has a strong commitment to the well-being of all students and staff. This is evident in our commitment to a 24-hour curriculum, a Total Communication environment and our on-site therapeutic team.

Our Total Communication environment supports students in being able to communicate in ways they may previously have been unable to do, so promoting increased interactions, self-advocacy, well-being and resilience. The College’s multi-disciplinary Therapeutic Team. i.e. Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Psychologist, Total Communication Co-ordinator and Occupational Therapist work in both one to one capacities with individuals as well as with the broader staff team providing advice, guidance and support.

All learners are assigned a key worker and are also encouraged to speak with any staff member with whom they feel comfortable. A fully inclusive Personal Development and Citizenship curricula supports the promotion of learner well-being and all learners engage in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans, individualised Risk Assessments and Care Plans all document and provide individualised approaches for supporting student well-being. This highly differentiated and personalised approach is further manifested in weekly progress meetings between Tutors and weekly Management meetings when staff are able to identify and address any emergent well-being issues.

Gymnasium and Sports

A college gymnasium provides students with the opportunity to exercise under the guidance of trained staff.

Total Communication

Many of our students and particularly those with Autism experience difficulties in communicating. We support all our young people in meeting the challenges that they may face through a Total Communication approach. This includes speaking using sounds, words, and/or sentences while also using signing. An individualised approach means you may also see staff and students using objects, symbols, pictures and/or photographs to communicate.


Effective Total Communication relies on enhanced communication between staff to ensure individuals communication preferences are identified and shared. Our dedicated Total Communication Co-ordinator works to ensure learners, trainees, community residents, parents and staff are supported with appropriate resources and guidance.

All college staff engaged in teaching and learning as well as an increasing number of our resident young people undertake formal externally validated signing courses. This ensures Total Communication remains at the heart of college life.


Multi-Disciplinary Therapeutic Support

Coleg Elidyr boasts a strong multi-disciplinary team thus ensuring that student well-being is at the heart of college life.

    The College’s Speech and Language Therapist provides assessment and therapeutic strategies and intervention for all young people at Coleg Elidyr.  A universal focus upon communication development facilitates individuals’progress including the ability to develop social relationships with peers and staff.
    Working closely with the Total Communication Coordinator, she  ensures staff are coached to implement total communication techniques including signing, use of symbols, social stories and Intensive Interaction techniques as appropriate to each individual.

    Our Occupational Therapist is involved in all initial assessments all new learners and Trainees to determine if individuals would benefit from her on-going support. She also provides guidance to staff on ensuring that individuals’ sensory needs are met.

    Our Clinical Psychologist works with individuals and staff across the College providing individual assessments and therapeutic interventions as required.

Healthy Living

The importance of a healthy diet and taking plenty  of exercise are promoted across care and education  environments.

Engagement in sporting clubs and events  are also encouraged.



  • Teaching at the college provides learners with highly stimulating experiences that help them to engage fully in their learning and make exceptional progress.

    Estyn Inspection Report 2019

  • The college provides learners with exceptionally high levels of care, support and

    Estyn Inspection Report, 2019

  • A family member said he’d be happy if our son could say no to something at the end of his 3 years. We reached that point after only 6 months!

    Parent 2019

  • ‘Staff consistently demonstrated an unconditional positive regard for students and this high regard was seen to be reciprocated. Students appeared confident, their achievements were celebrated and positive feedback was a constant’. 

    National Autistic Society 2016

  • ‘Our [daughter’s] ability to engage with the general public has greatly improved. This is due to her existence in a wonderful community setting in which she co-exists with peers, staff and volunteers thus giving her a confidence in her place in this world’. 

    Parent comment 2019

  • ‘People benefit from staff who are motivated and have learners at the heart of all they do; this was evident during our discussions with staff and our observations during the inspection’.

    CSSIW Report, Feb 2016

  • ‘Throughout the college, there is a powerful sense of purpose and commitment. This contributes significantly to the exceptional standards learners achieve and their high levels of wellbeing.’.

    Estyn Inspection Report Report, 2019

  • “Our son has progressed in every area more than we ever thought he could. He has the freedom within the college to go out on his own to visit other houses. That’s something he’s never been able to do before, so his confidence has grown.’.

    Parent 2019

  • ‘Staff consistently demonstrated an unconditional positive regard for students and this high regard was seen to be reciprocated. Students appeared confident, their achievements were celebrated and positive feedback was a constant’. 

    National Autistic Society 2016

  • ‘The video shown at his annual review surprised us with evidence of what our son can achieve independently after a year at Coleg. Family members have noted how he is more responsive, more mature and makes far more eye contact. He thrives in the outdoor environment and college routine. He has improved his skills in areas of strength (eg, cooking) and learned a range of new skills which he enjoys and which increase his confidence and self-esteem. He has benefited from the support provided by caring staff and therapists to provide interventions that encourage him to strengthen his communication and interaction with his peers. Generally, he is very much at peace with himself and comfortable at Coleg Elidyr and.’. 

    Parent 2019

  • ‘Tutors and support staff are passionate and enthusiastic practitioners who collaborate extremely well to support learners. The creative and well-planned curriculum and purposeful, strategic planning for progression in learners’ individual skills’.

    Estyn Inspection Report 2019

  • Work standards are closely monitored as our organisation produces a range of luxury products. The quality of the work undertaken is to a very high standard…without doubt the contribution by students is of paramount importance to our organisation’.

    Myddfai Trading company 2016

  • Overall we found that Coleg Elidyr offered a truly unique service for people with a range of learning disabilities. People were offered numerous opportunities and we found that there was a clear ennoblement focus on developing skills and maximising potential’.

    CSSIW Report 2014

  • ‘Staff are amazing and work very hard with the students. The House is welcoming, clean and cosy. Just like home from home ‘. 

    Parent 2019


At Coleg Elidyr, we understand that being away from family and friends can be a daunting experience for anyone and we work hard to ensure we provide a homely and secure environment where all students feel safe and at home.

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Opportunities and support for learning and personal development at Coleg Elidyr span daily education sessions and residential living environments.

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Coleg Elidyr has a strong commitment to the Well-being all students and staff. Central to student well-being is our commitment to a 24 hour curriculum and a Total communication environment.

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